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HomePlan - Home Inspection Plan For Your Home

Home Spec of Colorado 

The HomeSpec HomePlan is a professionally managed program
designed to provide systematic home maintenance and improvement.
Through this program, you will be apprised of the condition of the
major components of your home, so that you can conduct repairs and
maintenance before costly emergency service is needed.


HomeSpec of Colorado, Inc. will send one of our bonded, insured and certified
home inspectors to inspect the condition of the major systems of your home.
This would include, but not be limited to: • Roof / Gutter Systems • Exterior
Siding / Trim • Heating / Cooling Systems • Plumbing / Water Heater • Electrical
Systems • Attics / Crawl Spaces • Structure / Foundation We recommend that this evaluation be performed annually, so HomeSpec can catch any deteriorating
conditions before they become critical. The fee for this service is nominal and is
your only obligation.

Within a week after the inspection is completed, HomeSpec will provide you with a listing of any corrective work that is recommended. We can provide this information via mail or e-mail, or we would be happy to walk you through the recommendations in your own home.


At this point, you control the process. We can supply you with a list of vendors qualified to perform all, some, or none of the recommended work. If you choose to defer the work, at least you will know the issues that remain.


Residential property managers estimate that an investment of 2% of a property’s value is required annually just to maintain a property in its current state. These costs can be minimized through systematic detection and maintenance planning. HomeSpec of Colorado, Inc. would like to enter into a long-term partnership with you to protect and maximize the value of your home.

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